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FREE Cholesterol Screening Clinic in Fleming Island!

Attention Clay County Patients! We will be holding our FREE Cholesterol Screening Clinic this Friday, July 9th,8 am–12 pm. This clinic is sponsored by First Coast Heart and Vascular Centers and our partner Fleming Island Center for Clinical Research at our Clay County office. We will be holding the clinic at our Fleming Island office of First Coast Heart and Vascular at, 4565 Highway 17, Suite 106 Fleming Island, FL 32003.

Appointments are only 30 minutes, and a nurse will take a small drop of blood from your finger. You will receive your results to take with you. The service is free to all. We do expect it to fill up, so if you are interested please sign up soon. Please call (904) 375-8100 to schedule your appointment! This is a great opportunity to get a quick snapshot of your current cholesterol levels and learn about enrolling in research studies for which you may be eligible. Our state of the art physicians are leading the way to develop tomorrows care. Participation in research is voluntary and does not impact in anyway care at FCHV.

What everyone gets wrong about cholesterol in food

Venous Reflux Disease in Stages

Venous reflux disease is an extremely common easily treatable disorder that affects millions of Americans. It can cause debilitating leg pain, dermatitis and even open ulcers. Vascular physicians treat this disease typically with vein ablations as well as a variety of other procedures. Below or the 6 classifications of vein disease.
Stage 1: Also known as C1: Small spider veins also known as “reticular veins” or “telangiectasias”

Stage 2: Also known as C2: Bulging or “exophytic” varicose veins

Stage 3: Also Known as C3: Swelling in the leg typically below the knee

Stage 4: Also knwon as C4: Swelling in the leg with associated skin color and texture changes

Stage 5: Also known as C5: Healed venous ulcer or wound, typically above the ankle

Stage 6: Also known as C6: Active venous ulcer or wound, typically above the ankle.

The first step in evaluating a patient with suspected venous insufficiency disease is ordering a venous reflux study. This is a very detailed ultrasound of all the veins in the legs that helps the vascular physician create individual treatment plan for his or her patient’s.To learn more visit: #veindoctor #DrEdwards #DrSingh #FCHV #FirstCoastHeart #venousreflux #interventionalcardiology

New Location for First Coast Heart

First Coast Heart and Vascular is proud to announce that we have opened a new office! Our EP office, which was previously located inside Flagler hospital, has moved to the third floor of the Whetstone Building! Doctors Sanghvi, Pubbi, Crisco and Jones are all seeing patients at this new office at 100 Whetstone Place suite 310. To make an an appointment please call (904) 342-8300

Dr Caracciolo

Dr. C wants you to know that we are here for you. Our practice will always be here to take care of you and your heart. As cardiologists, your heart health is important to us!

To make an appointment at any of our First Coast Heart and Vascular offices please call:

Duval: (904) 423-0010

St Johns: (904) 342-8300

Clay: (904) 375-8100

Flagler: (386) 446-9966

COVID 19 and Cardiovascular health

A message from our cardiologists regarding COVID19 and your heart.

The physicians at First Coast Heart wanted to take this opportunity to educate our patients about COVID 19 and Heart disease.

COVID 19 is predominantly a respiratory illness but can also cause serious cardiovascular illness. People with heart disease and stroke are extremely at high risk for getting the COVID 19 infection and have serious illness. Preliminary data reports that COVID 19 causes damage to heart muscle by causing inflammation called Myocarditis. It does increase the risk of fatal heart rhythm issues.

It is not just a FLU INFECTION. The flu vaccine does not protect against COVID 19 infection. We do not have any vaccine for the corona virus yet. We can take simple day to day precautions to prevent this infection. Please follow CDC recommendations — wash hands, clean and sanitize surfaces, avoid sharing personal household items, and most importantly practice social distancing.

Following a healthy routine is especially important now that we are spending more time at home.

– Please take your medications regularly.

– Follow healthy, low salt diet

– Do not neglect exercise. If you are unable to go to the GYM for exercise, try to do some aerobic exercises at home. Go for a walk or bike ride. Sedentary behavior also increases cardiac risk.

– Monitor for cardiac symptoms (Chest pain, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, Palpitations/ fluttering in chest, leg swelling and excessive fatigue) . 

 If you notice trouble breathing with cough, worsening shortness of breath, chest pain, mental changes like confusion, please call us or Call 911 depending on the severity of the issue.

Dr. Pubbi talks AFib at Memorial Hospital

Dr. Pubbi talks AFib at Memorial Hospital.

Recently Dr. Dinesh Pubbi was invited to give a talk at Memorial Hospital here in Jacksonville about the effects of Atrial Fibrillation. Atrial Fibrillation is the most common type of arrhythmia. Dr. Pubbi discussed treatment options, including the Watchman implant device procedure that he performs at Memorial Hospital, to reduce the risk of stroke.

Dr. Pubbi talks AFib at Memorial Hospital

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