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Electrophysiology Study & Catheter Ablation Instructions


  • Do not eat anything after midnight the night before your procedure.
  • If you need to take any medications in the morning, you may take them with a small sip of water.
  • If you were instructed to have your blood drawn prior to the procedure, please don’t forget.
  • Please be sure that you have consulted with your doctor if you are on anticoagulation (Coumadin, Eliquis, Xarelto, Pradaxa, Savaysa) or insulin for diabetes. For most procedures, your anticoagulation may need to be discontinued or adjusted several days prior to the procedure. Call for instructions.
  • Please call our office if you haven’t received a phone call from the hospital or our office by the day before the procedure to let you know what time to arrive.
  • Make arrangements to have someone drive you to the hospital and home after the procedure since you will be receiving sedation.
  • If you catch a cold or are sick, please consult your doctor immediately as we may need to postpone your procedure.

The Day of the Procedure

  • Please arrive at your pre-appointed time to allow sufficient time for hospital registration and check-in. Please call if you are running late.
  • Please bring any additional documents that your doctor requested.
  • Do not wear any contacts in your eyes.
  • Please do not wear or bring anything of value like jewelry or watches the day of your procedure.
  • If you are planning to stay overnight, you may bring your a toothbrush, bathrobe, and other toiletries, if you wish.
  • Your EP Cardiologist will discuss the procedure again with you before your sedation. Make sure to bring a list of questions if you have any. You will be required to sign an informed consent before the procedure.
  • Anticipate a 4-6 hour recovery after your procedure. You are advised to keep the affected leg or groin where the catheters were placed straight without bending. If you move and bend too soon, you may have bleeding at the site of the incision which may prolong your hospital stay.
  • You will may be discharged later the same day or the next day based on the type of procedure and your physician’s comfort. You will be instructed on discharge expectations after the procedure.

Discharge Instructions and Care

  • Your EP cardiologist will discuss specific recommendations regarding your discharge care. The following are general recommendations:
    • You may shower after you return home the day of the procedure.
    • Make sure to limit heavy lifting (> 10 lbs) or active exertion for 4-5 days following your study.
    • You may remove any bandages placed at the catheter site once you are home.
    • You may return to work in 1-2 days, as long as it does not involve heavy lifting or strenuous labor.
    • Call your physician’s office if your incision site (typically in the groin) appears to swell or becomes more painful.
    • Bruising at the catheter site is normal. However, it should not become more painful or produce increased swelling in the days following the procedure.
    • Talk with your physician about your medication regimen before discharge.
    • Plan to have a follow-up visit with your physician approximately one month after the procedure.

Please call your physician or seek medical care if:

  • Your bandage at the catheter site has become saturated with blood. Carefully apply gentle pressure to the incision site.
  • There is any indication of pus from the incision site.
  • The swelling has increased and has become substantially more painful since leaving the hospital.
  • If your body temperature is higher than 100 degrees.
  • If you are feeling any numbness, tingling, change in skin color, or weakness that develops in your legs.
  • If you develop chest pain, shortness of breath, or significant changes in your vision. These may be signs of an emergency – call 911 immediately.

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