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Electrocardiogram EKG

Perhaps the most common heart diagnostic test performed at First Coast Heart & Vascular Center is the Electrocardiogram EKG. This test is used to determine heart rate, rhythm and if any heart damage has occurred. It produces a graphic record of the heart’s electrical impulses.  These impulses (or your heart rate) are normally discharged 60 to 100 times per minute. The graphic record created can be read by your cardiologist to decide what treatment or further testing may be needed.

  1. Pre-procedures Instructions
    There are no dietary restrictions prior to this test. Please bring all of your current medications with you, or provide us with an accurate list. Specific cardiac medications can slow the heart rate, and it will be helpful to know if you are on any of these medications. Make certain to let us know if you are taking any cold and sinus medicine because they can increase your heart rate, and this information will be valuable to your physician.
    Do not wear a one piece outfit, as you will be asked to undress from the waist up. Women will be provided a with a gown.
  2. During The EKG
    A trained medical assistant (or nurse) will place several electrodes (small sticky patches) on your chest. The electrodes are connected by wires to an EKG machine.
  3. Post Procedure
    After your test is complete, you may get dressed and return to your normal activities. Before you leave, you will be scheduled to discuss your results with your physician. If the test is abnormal or inconclusive, you doctor may order additional tests.

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