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Privacy Statement

First Coast Heart & Vascular Center is dedicated to protecting the privacy of people who utilize our website. Our privacy statement notifies you of how we preserve your privacy and confidentiality on this website. Please review this information so that you can discover the types of data that we collect and how we protect that data. It is our policy never to share your personal information that can be employed to identify you without your written consent.


Privacy Policy

As a user of this website, you assume some risks and responsibilities. Also, you have the right to know how we protect your privacy and confidentiality and what you should expect from us. First Coast Heart & Vascular Center has created this website and is responsible for the editorial content, services, and products presented on this website. First Coast Heart & Vascular Center actively maintains this website.

Your Role, Responsibilities, and Risks

It is crucial that you are an informed user of this website. Please read all our policies completely so that you understand how our website works and how you will interact with the website. Take care to pay special attention to your risks as a user. Website users assume certain risks, such as data collection. You should comprehend how we collect data and how it is employed. It is our objective to protect your personal information from abuse. At times, we may, however, offer programs that collect data for specific reasons, such as scientific studies, in which case you may be interested in joining with your consent.


What You Should Expect from First Coast Heart & Vascular Center

We will do our best to preserve your privacy, confidentiality, and security at all times.

It is our goal to safeguard your trust by providing you with as much info as we can about our data collection practices.

  • We will not deliberately use any personal health information without your permission. We do use non-personal health information usability of this website.
  • We will notify you of all data collection practices by posting such practices on this website. It is our goal to inform you when your risks or privacy may change while using this website.
  • We may change our privacy policy occasionally without prior notice, but we will post any new modifications prominently on this website.

Even though we make every reasonable effort to safeguard your personal information and personal health information from damage, abuse, or modification by third parties, you should understand that there is always some risk involved in transferring information via the Internet and that hackers do discover ways to obstruct security systems.


Provider-Patient Relationship

No provider-patient relationship is created unless we expressly inform you that one has been created.


Concerning the Information We Collect

We realize that the personal and health information that you provide during your visit to our website is very sensitive, and you may have concerns about sharing this information with us. It is our objective to protect your privacy, and we endeavor to develop procedures and policies to protect your personal and health information.


Your Personal Information

At various places on our website, you may be asked to share your name, e-mail, address and telephone number with us. We call this type of information “personal information” since it can be employed to identify or contact you.


Your Personal Health Information

After your personal information has been combined with any information on your health or medical status, we designate this information as “personal health information.”


Aggregate Information

We often collect information on website usage that has nothing to do with the user as an individual, only as an unidentified user of the website. We refer to this information as “aggregate information” and use it for purposes such as improving the usability, quality, and functionality of the website.

We expect to use the personal information, personal health information, and aggregate information only for the purposes for which it was provided.

Our Website Utilizes Cookies

Our website collects the information that you submit to us, and we also use “cookies.” A cookie is a numeric code that a website conveys to your computer for record-keeping purposes. Each computer is allocated a different cookie.  Our cookie does not collect or contain your name or other personal identifying information. The next time that you return to our website, the cookie permits us to identify you, and your preferences. We also utilize cookies to help record the level of interest in various pages on our website and to gather data that can help us improve our website’s content.

Your may set up your computer’s browser to reject all cookies, if you wish, including cookies from our website. The majority of web browsers have instructions on how to enable the browser to disallow cookies. The directions can usually be found in the Help section of the toolbar. If you disallow our cookie, specific functions of the website may not work as easily. You don’t have to agree to our cookie in order to use our website. If you accept our cookie, we will never link the cookie to personal and/or personal health information you provide to us. We will not allow other websites or third parties to use our cookies.


Who Collects the Data

First Coast Heart & Vascular Center collects information in several areas of this website. First Coast Heart & Vascular Center collects most of the data via specific contact emails, contact us messages and newsletter signups. First Coast Heart & Vascular Center is interested in your information for the purposes of operating the website more efficiently, providing you with more efficient and reliable functionality, and for answering your questions and concerns.


Retention of Data

First Coast Heart & Vascular Center may retain the data collected on this website for an indefinite period. We can collect information about you in a number of areas on the website.


How We Use Your Personal Information

We continuously focus on new ways to maintain your trust as a user and improve our website. We monitor user traffic patterns and analyze them to better understand what our users like and don’t like. We may also utilize some information for website development and planning and testing objectives during the normal course of maintaining the website. When you use our website, you automatically allow us to collect this information related to these uses. In these cases, web designers, business analysts, and others might have access to the data that we collect.

We do not expect to use or disclose any personal or personal health information that you disclose on our website to an unrelated third party without your express permission, except as explained in this section.

You should understand that there are some circumstances when, in the normal course of business, we may share some information about you with a related third party. As stated elsewhere, we may also share aggregate statistical information on our users, traffic patterns and website usage with others. This information is anonymous, and there is nothing in it that could be used to identify or contact you.

In specific limited situations, we may be legally forced to release your personal information in response to a court order, search warrant, subpoena, law or regulation. In the event that we are required to disclose personal and/or personal health information to a third party, we will advise you unless doing so would violate the law or a court order. We reserve the right to cooperate with law enforcement in investigating and prosecuting persons that violate our rules or engage in activities that are harmful or illegal.


Website Ownership and Terms of Use

We are disclosing the “Website Ownership” and “Terms of Use” for this website. You have the right to know who owns this website and understand the terms and conditions for our website. Please read this agreement completely before using this website. By opening our website, you agree to the terms and conditions.


Website Ownership

This website is solely owned by First Coast Heart & Vascular Center. By accessing and using this website, you agree to the following “Terms of Use” and all applicable laws. If you do not agree to these terms, you are not permitted to access the website or the materials within this website. First Coast Heart & Vascular Center reserves the right to update or change the terms of use or this website at any time without notice to you. The most current version of the terms of use can be reviewed by revisiting this page.