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Anti-Coagulant Clinic

At First Coast Heart and Vascular Center, we proudly offer our patients a Coumadin Clinic. Anti-coagulant medication (often called Coumadin or blood thinners) is sometimes necessary to prevent or treat improper blood flow or clotting conditions. It is important for patients taking Coumadin to get regular and timely blood tests to ensure the blood thinner's effect remains in the desired range.


Education and Counseling

Our patients benefit from one-on-one counseling and education regarding Coumadin's side effects and the effects of various foods and other medications that can affect the test results.

Enhanced Comfort

We improve the comfort of blood draws by using a finger stick method with the Protime/INR monitoring system rather than a venous blood draw.


Comprehensive Care

We provide our patients with immediate test results and dosing instructions and schedule the patient's next appointment before they leave our office, ensuring continuity of care.



Patient-Focused Experience

Our Coumadin clinic provides a comfortable and caring environment in our four primary office locations (Jacksonville/University, St. Augustine, Fleming Island, and Palm Coast), with clinical staff who are highly trained and provide exceptional patient service.

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