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Comprehensive Care

First Coast Heart & Vascular Center is a comprehensive cardiology practice that provides contemporary, evidence based and compassionate care to our patients.

Our board certified Cardiovascular Specialists are experienced in a variety of sub-specialties including:

  • Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Interventional Cardiology
  • Endovascular Medicine
  • Peripheral Vascular
  • Electrophysiology
  • Cardiac Imaging

At First Coast Heart & Vascular Center, our cardiologists have trained at some of the world’s best institutions including the Cleveland Clinic, Cornell University, and Emory University.

We are committed to excellence in patient care by actively participating in regional and national meetings. We are dedicated to improving the level of cardiovascular care available to our patients by participating in clinical national research trials, allowing us to offer our patients quality care through new and emerging technologies.

Facility Accreditations                                       Physician Societies

acr ultrasound facilityAccredited Echo Facility accredited nuclear facility american board of medicine heart-rhythm-society-Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventionsamerican-college-of-cardiology-105x105


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The Link between Heart Disease and Diabetes

The majority of people living with diabetes understand that they have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. But the following statistics show clearly that there is a strong link between heart disease and diabetes. As many as 68 percent of people age 65 and older with diabetes die from some form of heart disease.  Approximately…


Welcome Dr. Michael Koren

First Coast Heart & Vascular Center is pleased to announce that Michael J. Koren, MD and his staff from Apex Cardiovascular have joined the practice. The two cardiology practices will continue to provide services under one name, First Coast Heart & Vascular Center. Dr. Koren and his staff have moved to First Coast Heart &…



  • AFib Cardiologist

    “I found Dr. Neil Sanghvi to be extremely knowledgeable, understanding and helpful throughout my entire process. He spent as much time as I required in order to educate me on my condition. I felt safe and secure knowing he has knowledge of the new options to treat A-Fib. I did not hesitate in my decision to have him perform my Ablation.”

    AFib Cardiologist
  • “Absolutely the best Cardiologist! Dr. Vincent Caracciolo is so personable and knowledgeable in the field of Cardiology. In my 58 years of seeing Cardiologist, I should know. Dr. Caracciolo is compassionate and caring. He takes time to explain your condition in terms that you can understand. He tells it like it is. His office runs very efficiently. You are seen within a few minutes of your scheduled appointment time. The nurses are here the best.”

    The Best Cardiologist
  • Dr. David GrechEasy to talk to Cardiologist

    I found Dr. David Grech easy to talk to. He answered all my questions and explained my condition to me. This was my first visit to this medical practice and I was very pleased with Dr. Grech and his office staff at the Palm Coast office.

    Easy to talk to Cardiologist
  • Feeling Blessed with Cardiology Care

    “How blessed I was to be under the care of Dr. Van Crisco during a recent heart cath procedure. He has excellent knowledge and skills in recommending and doing procedures. His professional and knowledgeable manner eased any and all fears and concerns. The comfortable, easy way he has about him was a great “fear reducer” as he patiently answered all my questions, leaving me not only prepared for the procedure, but peaceful and calm as well.”

    Feeling Blessed with Cardiology Care
  • Dr Kevin Hayes at Lunch and LearnGreat Jacksonville Cardiologist

    I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Kevin Hayes other than wishing he was also a Family Practice doctor and a Dermatologist so that I wouldn’t have to go see anyone else. His calm and patient bedside manner is exemplary and he makes an effort to keep patient expenses low by not recommending unnecessary procedures. He answers all my questions and is never in a hurry so that I leave the appointments much calmer than when I arrived. I highly recommend Dr. Kevin Hayes.

    Great Jacksonville Cardiologist
  • I Trust My Cardiologists
    “I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Dinesh Pubbi yesterday for a consult that was referred by Dr. Vincent CaraccioloDr. Vicent Caracciolo and Dr. Dinesh Pubbi. They both took the time to explain my cardiac issue and ordered the necessary tests. Dr. Pubbi reviewed and explained my results with me. At this time I don’t need a defibrillator. I feel at ease that I have 2 cardiologists that have my back. I highly recommend them for any cardiac needs. I know I’m in the right place and trust them which makes me feel relaxed.”

    I Trust My Cardiologists
  • Christopher Edwards, DOCaring and Compassionate Cardiologist in Palm Coast

    I would highly recommend Dr. Christopher Edwards to anyone with cardiac concerns. He is caring and compassionate. He spent as much time as I needed to understand the procedure he was going to perform and after the procedure he spent equally as much time explaining what I needed done to live a longer life. Dr. Edwards found a problem with my heart that had gone undetected, saving my life. Thank you!


    Caring and Compassionate Cardiologist in Palm Coast
  • Neil Sanghvi, MD
    AFib Cardiologist in St. Augustine
    “‘I found Dr. Neil Sanghvi to be extremely knowledgeable, understanding and helpful throughout my entire process. He spent as much time as I required in order to educate me on my condition. I felt safe and secure knowing he has knowledge of the new options to treat A-Fib. I did not hesitate in my decision to have him perform my Ablation. His staff is very attentive and was able to quickly meet my needs.”
    AFib Cardiologist in St. Augustine
  • Cardiologist Saved My Life

    Dr. Vincent Caracciolo saved my life because of a pre-heart attack diagnosis….resulting in a triple by-pass surgery…..and a complete change in my lifestyle. I am a new man at 71 years old!  Dr. Caracciolo has my highest endorsement……he is a FANTASTIC cardiologist!”

    Cardiologist saved my life
  • Dr. David GrechPalm Coast Cardiology Patient

    “I found Dr. David Grech easy to talk to. He answered all my questions and explained my condition to me. He has as great bedside manner and explains medical conditions, issues, and terms so they are easily understood.This was my first visit to this medical practice and I was very pleased with Dr. Grech and his office staff.”

    Palm Coast Cardiology Patient
  • Life Saver Cardiologist

    “If you have a major cardiac crisis, Dr. Van Crisco is THE physician to go to, he saved my life in the ER and he makes it clear that he really cares about his patients. His matter of fact follow up recommendations are understandable and to the point, and anyone in his care will know they are in good hands. Our whole family sees this practice and we are very happy with them as they work together to meet each individual’s needs. Dr. Crisco is straight forward and attentive.”

    Life Saver Cardiologist
  • Dr. Kevin Hayes, DOBrilliant Cardiologist

    “I like Dr. Kevin Hayes very much, he is patient when explaining your issues. He is very plain spoken explaining down to my level . I have always felt that after seeing Dr. Hayes I know what he knows and I understand my condition. I would recommend Dr. Hayes because he is so calming and compassionate towards his patients. He is very thorough and takes his time with his patients. He is an amazingly brilliant cardiologist. I have followed him every where he practiced and would never change to another cardiologist because of his awesome care towards me.”


    Brilliant Cardiologist
  • Dinesh Pubbi, MD

    Great Cardiologist Great Team!

    Dr. Dinesh Pubbi has been our family’s cardiologist  for over 8 years. We love him and respect his opinion. We could not have asked for better care. My mother is also his patient and she always says she wishes all doctors could be as kind and caring as Dr. Pubbi! His staff is amazing and his scheduling person, Mahla is an absolute miracle worker. She makes things happen. Wish all offices had such a great team!

    Great Cardiologist Great Team
  • Cath Lab with Dr. Van Crisco

    Triple Stent Insertion

    “I probably was not Dr. Van Crisco‘s easiest “triple stent insertion” But I am doing quite well following his good work. My recovery is not sudden like some I’ve heard, but with all of my other cardiac issues I have done better and better over time. I am thankful for his patience and hard skillful work.”

    Triple Stent Insertion
  • Dr. David GrechAmazing Cardiologist

    Dr. David Grech is an amazing Cardiologist. He instills within his patients his confidence as he discusses symptoms, procedures, medication, etc. He takes a cautious approach. He’s  never in a hurry to operate, preferring first to thoroughly investigate other options with surgery as a last resort. His staff is always helpful and friendly, a very welcoming atmosphere. He is amazing a real pleasure to work with him…”


    Amazing Cardioloigst
  • Patient’s Cardiovascular needs are fulfilled

    Dr. Vincent Caracciolo has been my cardiologist since I had by-pass surgery in 2009. I’m extremely grateful for the top notch care I’ve received from Dr. Caracciolo and all the staff at First Coast Heart & Vascular Center. He is friendly, complete, up to date, and very knowledgeable. Dr. Caracciolo has proven time and again to be informed, professional, personable and always leaves me with the feeling my heart is in good hands, thank you. I am confident in his care of my cardiovascular needs.”

    Patient’s Cardiovascular needs are fulfilled
  • Neil Sanghvi, MD

    AFib Dr. Provides Optimal Healthcare

    “Dr. Neil Sanghvi is always prompt with appointment times and very personable. He thoroughly explains everything related to your medical situation in a way that you can understand and lays out the best treatment options for optimal healthcare. His staff is attentive and able to quickly meet your needs. They have scheduling down to a science as you never wait very long to get in or check out after your appointment.”

    AFib Dr Provides Optimal Healthcare
  • Dr Christopher EdwardsSkillful Hands of Dr. Christopher Edwards

    “As an octogenarian, I had begun to have doubts as to whether I would ever again be blessed to walk for any length of time and not feel totally exhausted. Remarkably, this blessing came through the skillful hands of Dr. Christopher Edwards, who, in November 2017, performed a three-stent procedure which has led to increased mobility and the loss of fear of falling as a result of my legs giving away. Dr. Edwards’ dedication and professionalism are immeasurable and I am truly grateful.”

    Skillful Hands of Dr. Christopher Edwards
  • Cath Lab with Dr. Van Crisco

    Lifesaving Interventional Cardiologist

    “I want to thank Dr. Van Crisco and his staff  for helping me.  If he had not taken me after my doctor of over 15+ years told me there was not anything else he could do for me I may not be here today. After a year of in and out of the hospital, Dr. Crisco did what my other doctor said could not be done. He opened three arteries one 60%, one 75%, and one 95% knowing I was in no condition for open heart again.  Dr. Crisco saved my life.  I thank the good Lord every day for guiding him through my procedure.  Thank you so much.”


    Lifesaving Interventional Cardiologist
  • Dr. David GrechIrreplaceable Cardiologist

    “My experience with Dr. David Grech started in the Cardiac Care Unit at Orange Park Hospital at a terrible time in my life. He was compassionate, straightforward and professional in a way that calmed me and made me sure that I was going to get better. He was not my first Cardiologist but he will definitely be my last. He’s superb, friendly and irreplaceable.”

    Irreplaceable Cardiologist