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Comprehensive Care

First Coast Heart & Vascular Center is a comprehensive cardiology practice that provides contemporary, evidence based and compassionate care to our patients.

Our board certified Cardiovascular Specialists are experienced in a variety of sub-specialties including:

  • Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Interventional Cardiology
  • Endovascular Medicine
  • Peripheral Vascular
  • Electrophysiology
  • Cardiac Imaging

At First Coast Heart & Vascular Center, our cardiologists have trained at some of the world’s best institutions including the Cleveland Clinic, Cornell University, and Emory University.

We are committed to excellence in patient care by actively participating in regional and national meetings. We are dedicated to improving the level of cardiovascular care available to our patients by participating in clinical national research trials, allowing us to offer our patients quality care through new and emerging technologies.

Facility Accreditations                                       Physician Societies

acr ultrasound facilityAccredited Echo Facility accredited nuclear facility american board of medicine heart-rhythm-society-Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventionsamerican-college-of-cardiology-105x105


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  • Dr. David GrechCardiologist for the Whole Family

    Dr. David Grech has taken care of my whole family including my daughter, my wife, and myself for several years. We have always been more than satisfied with his care for us. My family have recommended Dr. Grech to quite a few people over the years, and some are now patients of Dr. Grech. He takes the time to listen to me and is genuinely interested in my total wellness. I look forward to my yearly visit.

    Cardioloigst for the Whole Family
  • Dinesh Pubbi, MD

    Top notch Cardiologist

    Dr. Dinesh Pubbi installed my defibrillator in August 2010. Since that time I’ve seen Dr. Pubbi on mostly routine visits and found him to be very professional and obviously more than qualified. His bed-side manner is top notch and Dr. Pubbi always takes time to explain things in layman’s terms. He takes as much time to discuss your conditions as one needs. Professional, courteous treatment. Thanks again to First Coast Heart & Vascular Center and it’s excellent team of physicians and staff.”

    Top Notch Cardiologist
  • Dr. Van CriscoConfident Considerate Cardiologist

    “Dr. Van Crisco is the best Cardiologist.  He saved my husband’s life many times he’s thoughtful and kind and he talks to you in a way that is so natural and pleasant. He’s a very gifted Cardiologist and when God made him He made an angel that saves lives. Confident considerate Cardiologist.”

    Confident Considerate Cardiologist
  • Dr Kevin Hayes

    Extremely Helpful Cardiologist

    Dr. Kevin Hayes made me feel very comfortable and he answered all my questions. I just moved into the area and didn’t know any doctors, Dr Hayes was extremely helpful in getting me other doctors in my plan. All the doctors he recommended called me to set up appointments saying Dr Hayes office called them, this was amazing to me. Dr Hayes and his staff are excellent, I would highly recommend First Coast Heart.”

    Extremely Helpful Cardiologist
  • Neil Sanghvi, MDPatient’s Favorite Cardiologist

    “Cardiac care can be extremely scary. Having a doctor that “fits” is vital to your diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Dr. Neil Sanghvi just “fit” from the very beginning. I was fortunate enough to have been referred to him and would not want anyone else. Unfortunately, I have been given a clean bill of health and only get to see him once a year now. We always remember our favorite teacher or professor……well Dr. Sanghvi is my favorite MD! Put your heart in his hands. You won’t regret it!”

    Patient’s Favorite Cardiologist
  • Best Cardiologist in St. Augustine

    “I have had some wonderful cardiologists in the past, but Dr. Vincent Caracciolo in St. Augustine is the best. He has checked for and found an aneurysm that no one had caught before. I just feel confident in his care and that’s a feeling we all want.The best physician experience period and his staff is wonderful!”

    Best Cardiologist in St. Augustine
  • Amazing Cardiologist in Palm Coast

    Dr. David Grech“I am so happy to have met Dr. David Grech. He spent a lot of time with me and made me feel comfortable… a real pleasure to work with him.. He was very easy to talk to. He is very thorough and personality plus.  Both my husband and I like him very much and feel confident with him.Great Doctor!”

    Amazing Cardiologist in Palm Coast
  • Complete confidence in my Cardiologist

    “I have been seeing Dr. Dinesh Pubbi since my heart attack several years ago when he implanted my AICD device at Memorial Hospital. When he, Dr. David Grech and several other cardiologists started their new practice, I had my insurance company transfer me to their new practice. I enjoy my visits and always feel more at ease after each one. I always recommend him to my friends and family that ask about my cardiac treatment.”

    Complete Confidence in My Cardiologist
  • Dr Kevin Hayes Jacksonville Cardiologist

    Dr. Kevin Hayes Jacksonville Cardiologist

    Dr. Kevin Hayes is a pleasure. I like him very much, he is patient when explaining your issues. He speaks with you using easily understandable terminology and has a caring, common sense approach. Before & after major heart surgery Dr. Hayes had a very calming reassuring demeanor. I value his opinion and look forward to maintaining our patient/doctor relationship.”

    Dr. Kevin Hayes Jacksonville Cardiologist
  • Dr. Neil Sanghvi

    Her heart is in good hands with Dr. Neil Sanghvi

    “I have been a patient of Dr. Neil Sanghvi since 2014. The most recent visit was this morning. I always feel much better after meeting with him. He is very warm, professional, and competent. Dr. Sanghvi gets right to the point.The office staff is great. The office is clean and the staff eagerly helps patients with anything they need. If my pacemaker needs to be read, Dr. Sanghvi has all the right equipment in his office. Of all the cardiologist’s I have been to, I would say he is the best. I am glad my heart is in good hands with Dr. Neil Sanghvi.”

    Her heart is in good hands with Dr. Neil Sanghvi
  • Cath Lab with Dr. Van Crisco

    Heart Procedure with Dr. Van Crisco

    “How blessed I was to be under the care of Dr. Van Crisco during a recent heart procedure. His professional and knowledgeable manner eased any and all fears and concerns. The comfortable, easy way he has about him was a great “fear reducer” as he patiently answered all my questions, leaving me not only prepared for the procedure, but peaceful and calm as well.”

    Heart Procedure with Dr. Van Crisco
  • Knowledgeable and Caring Cardiologist

    “I have always found Dr. Vincent Caracciolo to be a knowledgeable and caring Cardiologist. He listens and explains things so you can understand what you need to know. He walks into the room with that smile and right away you feel as if everything is going to be better. Sounds silly but you just know that he cares and has the knowledge to solve your heart problems. I am so glad that he is he is here in St Augustine. All of the staff at First Coast Heart & Vascular are very capable and caring.I would definitely refer my friends and family to him. “

    Knowledgeable and Caring Cardiologist
  • Dr. Dinesh Pubbi has been our family’s cardiologist almost 8 years now. We love him and respect his opinion. Could not have asked for better care. My mother is also his patient and she always says she wishes all doctors could be as kind and caring as Dr. Pubbi! His staff is amazing and his scheduling person, Mahla is an absolute miracle worker. She makes things happen. Wish all offices had such a great team!”

    Our Family’s Cardiologist
  • Dr Kevin Hayes at Lunch and LearnCardiologist for Mom

    “Dr. Kevin Hayes was my 92 year old mother’s cardiologist for 5 years. His positive support was always so encouraging to her. She always left her visits with him smiling and hopeful.”

    Cardiologist for Mom
  • Dr. David Grech

    Visiting My Cardiologist

    “It’s a wake up call to visit my cardiologist … always hard to imagine that I’m not a youngster anymore. As I went through the full check up with Dr. David Grech and the team at First Coast Heart & Vascular Center, I was impressed with their efficiency, and Dr. Grech’s kindness and interest. All done, I had a very good report, for which I’m super grateful. I would highly recommend Dr. Grech and the First Coast Heart & Vascular Center team.”

    Visiting My Cardiologist
  • Dr. Van Crisco

    First Coast Heart treats the whole family

    Dr Van Crisco recently saved a family member’s life and he kept us informed and truly cared for all of us. Our whole family sees First Coast Heart and we are very happy with them as they work together to meet each of our individual needs. Dr Crisco is straight forward and attentive.”

    First Coast Heart Treats the Whole Family
  • Dr. Neil SanghviGreat Cardiologist in Jacksonville

    “I have been seeing Dr. Neil Sanghvi since 2014. The most recent visit was this morning. I always feel much better after meeting with him. He is very warm, professional, and competent. Dr. Sanghvi gets right to the point. I am glad my heart is in such good hands. I would recommend him to any one, he’s a great Cardiologist.”


    Great Cardiologist in Jacksonville
  • St. Augustine Caring Cardiologist

    “I am dealing with multiple health issues and Dr. Vincent Caracciolo has put me at ease when it comes to my heart issue. He referred me for heart surgery which was necessary and has followed up extensively. There is no other cardiologist I would go to and have referred close friends to see him. We thank the Lord every day for the wonderful, caring doctor he is and pray he has a long and successful practice.”

    St. Augustine Caring Cardiologist
  • Dr. David GrechCardiologist in Palm Coast
    “I am so happy to have met Dr. David Grech. He is so easy to talk to about my heart issues.He puts me at ease every time that I have seen him. His “bedside manner” is good. At the first meeting we discussed “What might be causing ‘this'”. At the second meeting we discussed my test results. Dr. Grech is a wonderful cardiologist. He is very thorough and personality plus. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a cardiologist in Palm Coast.”
    Cardioloigst in Palm Coast
  • Highly Recommended Cardiologist
    “I have never met a more compassionate cardiologist in Florida. He is an amazing doctor who listens, and always puts the patient first. Not only do his patients get the best quality care, but his staff speaks very highly of him which says a lot! I highly recommend Dr. Dinesh Pubbi to others if they are in need of a Cardiologist!”
    Highly Recommended Cardiologist