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First Coast Heart & Vascular Center is a comprehensive cardiology practice that provides contemporary, evidence based and compassionate care to our patients.

Our board certified Cardiovascular Specialists are experienced in a variety of sub-specialties including:

  • Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Interventional Cardiology
  • Endovascular Medicine
  • Peripheral Vascular
  • Electrophysiology
  • Cardiac Imaging

At First Coast Heart & Vascular Center, our cardiologists have trained at some of the world’s best institutions including the Cleveland Clinic, Cornell University, and Emory University.

We are committed to excellence in patient care by actively participating in regional and national meetings. We are dedicated to improving the level of cardiovascular care available to our patients by participating in clinical national research trials, allowing us to offer our patients quality care through new and emerging technologies.

Facility Accreditations                                       Physician Societies

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Ponte Vedra Beach Cardiology Office

We are excited to announce that First Coast Heart & Vascular Center is now seeing patients in Ponte Vedra Beach! We listened to our patients and have opened a new office at 228 Ponte Vedra Park Drive.   Dr. Kevin Hayes will be seeing patients at this office on Mondays. Call today to schedule an…



  • Friendly Jacksonville Cardiologist“From the very first introduction of Dr. Kevin Hayes I felt as though I was in the company of a “Friend” not my cardiologist. Our time spent never seems rushed or hurry hurry !! He always takes time to explain what is going on, and in terms that I can understand, and if not, he makes sure I do understand. No one enjoys going to the Doctor, not even me. But I do enjoy and look at it as a visit when I spend time with Dr. Hayes. Besides being well trained and knowledgeable Dr. Hayes is a true human being who shows personal interest in his patients and makes you feel comfortable. I highly recommend him!”

    Friendly Jacksonville Cardiologist
  • Best Vascular Doctor in JacksonvilleFrom the first time I met Dr. Van Crisco I felt like we were friends and that he genuinely cared about me! After our first visit and our discussion about the procedure I felt very confident that he and by recommendation, his team of doctors would do everything they could to help me. I feel so blessed to have been under his care and would recommend him to anyone that needs a very competent and caring doctor. Dr. Crisco is the best Vascular Doctor I have ever had. “

    Best Vascular Doctor Jacksonville FL
  • Terrific Cardiologist in Palm Coast“Dr. David Grech is a terrific cardiologist he listens to his patients, explains things to them, thoroughly, is understanding and pleasant. Both my husband and I like him very much and feel confident with him.  I felt so much at ease that I recommended him to a friend that was looking for a heart specialist. Thank you for providing a professional atmosphere with talented support staff.”

    Terrific Cardiologist in Palm Coast
  • Great Cardiologist in St. Augustine“Great Interventional Cardiologist in St. Augustine. Dr. Michael Seawell has performed a few procedures on me to help me live a more productive life.  He took his time with me and explained the symptoms, procedures and how to fix my issue. Great Cardiologist with great communication skills. Thank you Dr Seawell for all have done for me.. and God Bless. .”

    Great Interventional Cardiologist in St. Augustine
  • Best Cardiologist this patient has ever had “Dr. Dinesh Pubbi is the best Cardiologist in town. He is easy to talk to and I especially like the way he asks questions and carefully listens to the answers. He listens to everything you say with so much compassion and concern. Dr. Pubbi is considerate, kind, and has great patience! He is thorough with a exam and I get personal and caring attention. He has a very kind and soft heart, taking in all my concerns. I am never disappointed. I highly recommended him.”

    Best Cardiologist in town
  • Dr. Caracciolo best patient friendly manner” I would recommend Dr. Vincent Caracciolo to any one that wants to know the truth about their medical condition which triggered their visit to a Cardiologist. Dr. Vincent Caracciolo is the most professional person I have ever met that puts things in a very special way that an average person would understand. He is young and up-to-date on the latest technology. I have already recommended him to other people. He’s just the best. I’m so proud to have him as my cardiology professional and I sleep better and have a greater quality of life thanks to his gift from above that cures all of us. THANK YOU DOCTOR CARACCIOLO.”  

    St. Augustine Cardiologist helps his patients
  • Dr. Neil Sanghvi“Dr. Neil Sanghvi is undoubtedly one of the best doctors I’ve ever worked with. Polite, professional, and patient, not to mention highly skilled, I’d wager good money that he’s one of the best doctors in the country. He asks and answers questions without seeming like he just wants you to accept whatever he’s decided, and knows how to use the patient as a resource, instead of just relying on tests. The whole experience (I’d like to give a shout out to the amazing First Coast Heart &Vascular Center staff!) was outstanding!”

    Outstanding Electrophysiologist
  • Dr. Kevin Hayes“Dr. Kevin Hayes saved my life !!! I came in because of a slight burning in my center chest area two weeks prior and he LISTENED to me, the EKG and Stress test were showing normal but when I described the cool/burning (almost like icy hot cream was on my chest) effect I was having and my family history. Dr. Hayes chose to listen and took aggressive action to do a heart catheter and they found that my left anterior descending artery was 85% blocked! Dr.Van Crisco did the Catheter & inserted the stent.Great job guys, thank you from my Heart!!”

    My Cardiologist saved my life

    Dr. Van Crisco“My mother (97) was referred by her doctor, Dr. Peter Saliba, to Jacksonville Cardiologist, Dr. Van Crisco after Dr. Saliba examined my mother’s legs and knew she needed to see a vascular Doctor. Dr. Saliba’s office called and explained the situation and we were told to come right over and they could see her. We were taken care of completely that day, including all ultra sound tests and a diagnosis of a blood clot. Dr. Crisco explained her condition, what steps needed to be taken, gave me options, and advice. Very professional.”

    Jacksonville Cardiologist took good care of my mother
  • Dr. David Grech“Always considered Dr. David Grech to be a very sociable doctor who clearly and concisely explains your diagnosis and answers any and all questions. I had occasion to be admitted to hospital emergency recently with a completely separate but serious problem, but he was the first doctor to visit me the next morning, and explained what was going on. He also popped in to see me the next day, and it made me feel that he really cared. Outstanding man.”

    Outstanding Cardioloist
  • Dr. Caracciolo best patient friendly manner

    “Dr. Vincent Caracciolo is the kind of doctor that listens and rules out everything to make sure you are alright! He has a good bedside manner and you know you are in good hands!! Would recommend him to anyone that wants to know the truth about their medical condition which triggered their visit to Dr. Caracciolo. He is the most professional person I have ever met that puts things in a very special way that an average person would understand. He’s just the best. I’m so proud to have him as my Cardiologist and I sleep better and have a greater quality of life thanks to his gift from above that cures all of us. Thank you Dr. Caracciolo.”

    Caring Cardiologist in St. Augustine
  • Dr. Dinesh Pubbi“Outstanding patient physician relationship. Dr. Pubbi has a great ability to explain medical information in layman’s terms so that his patients can understand. He the extra time to ensure I understand the status of my health.  God has given this man an incredible talent and he is using it to help patients in need of cardiac care. His office staff is very pleasant and helpful.”

    Outstanding Physician Patient Relationship
  • Dr. Neil Sanghvi“Finding a new doctor is not always easy, but I was fortunate. Dr. Neil Sanghvi has been very easy to talk to and understands my goals as far as my heart and overall health is concerned. My feeling is that we are working in partnership – a rare situation in these days of sometimes rushed medicine. I have never felt rushed or that my questions were not important, and he has always taken as long as it takes to get the job done. I am pleased to call Dr. Neil Sanghvi my doctor.”

    -MM read more

    In Partnership with her Heart Doctor
  • Mkichael R. Seawell, MD

    “Dr. Michael Seawell did a procedure to help with my PAD (peripheral artery disease) and since it was done I have been able to walk much better. Thanks Dr. Seawell.”

    Dr. Seawell helps patient with PAD
  • Dr. Kevin Hayes

    “Dr Hayes is a great doctor. He listens, he cares, and he’s always on the side of the patient. Whether it be cost factors, time concerns, or future treatment, he’s clearly dedicated in assisting the patient with their concerns and future needs.”

    Dr Kevin Hayes dedicated to his patients
  • Dr. Van Crisco

    I would like to express my appreciation to Dr. Van Crisco for taking such good care of my Dad when he performed a heart cath on him a few weeks ago. Since Dr. Crisco was able to go through his wrist, the procedure was much easier for my Dad than it has been in the past. In addition, I appreciate Dr. Crisco taking the time afterward to show me the films and explain the stenting procedure. This was my Dad’s first surgery with Dr. Van Crisco and we are very happy with the results.”


    Happy Cath Lab Patient

    Dr David Grech Best Cardiologist

    I recently changed my Cardiologist to Dr. David Grech and it was one of the best decisions I have made. My first visit with him was very comfortable and he put me at ease with his demeanor and bedside manner. He spoke to me in terms that I could understand and I didn’t feel pressured that he had to move on to his next patient. He took up the time with me that I needed to understand and digest my health, diagnosis and his plan for my future care.

    – Happy in Palm Coast

    Dr David Grech Best Cardiologist
  • A Cardiologist with a great bedside manner

    Dr. Pubbi is so kind and thoughtful. He answers any questions I my have and doesn’t make me feel silly about asking them. He has a great bedside manner.

    A Cardiologist with a great bedside manner
  • patient friendly cardiologist

    Patient Friendly Cardiologist

    Dr. Caracciolo has about the best patient-friendly manner I have experienced. He listens carefully, asks questions in clear manner and explains situations in an easy to understand way. Dr. Caracciolo seems very learned, and competent. His interest in his patients is exemplary. He even called me at home on a weekend to explain a situation. I am very happy to have him as my cardiologist.


    Patient friendly Cardiologist
  • Dr. Neil Sanghvi“Dr. Neil Sanghvi is extremely professional, but at the same time friendly and approachable. A great listener, which should be a prerequisite for every doctor. Excellent staff! I have fired a couple of doctors for having unorganized and discourteous staff, so this is very important to me. Great folks all around, would highly recommend to all.”

    Dr. Neil Sanghvi and Staff