New Cardiology Office in Palm Coast

Cardiology office in Palm Coast

We are so excited to announce the opening of our new cardiology office in Palm Coast, FL. We will be seeing cardiology patients from surrounding areas including Flagler county, Palm Coast, Ormond Beach and Bunnell.

Stop by and visit us soon! We are located at 26 Office Park, Suite B, Palm Coast, FL 32137.
For a map click here.

Dr. David Grech and Dr. Vincent Caracciolo will be seeing patients in our Palm Coast office.

This is the former of office Dr. Karen Theilade.


  1. My wife and I are looking for Cardiologists in Palm Coast! She has active Atrial Fib and is 80 years old. She is also on Coumadin. I am her husband and am 76 years old and are married for 56 years. I have had all of my natural heart, Atrial and AV Node ablated and am 100% Pacemaker dependent and have a 3 wire, because of heart failure, and also on Coumadin. I had a Heart Cath in St. Augustine, Last Year?/ or two years ago, and discovered that I had a Heart Attack unknown to me with damage to my heart. We would like to make appointments. Thanks!

  2. Do you accept HumanaChoice Florida PPO?
    I am looking for a cardiologist as I have Afib and for some reason my Primary Care Physician keeps treating it, but has not referred me to a cardiologist. I feel that I would prefer to see a specialist.

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